In-House Operations and Manufacturing

I. Manufacturing Facility

1. 15000 square foot clear-span metal building for manufacturing and storage under one roof.
2. Indoor loading capacity for flatbeds and closed van semi-trailers via forklift.
3. Exterior loading dock for loading and unloading incoming and outgoing freight.
4. 5 acres of exterior yard storage for miscellaneous materials, semi-trailers, field trailers, and equipment.
5. Convenient access to and from Interstate 43. Mantech™ is located 30 miles north of Milwaukee, WI an 120 miles north of Chicago, IL. our shop is located one mile west off of I-43 in Belgium, WI.

II. Manufacturing Processes

A. Carpentry Department

1. Rough carpentry for forms, molds and support services.
2. Finish carpentry for forms, panels and custom accessories.
3. Packaging and shipping.

B. Metal Fabrication Department

1. Light gauge painted and unpainted steel, painted and mill finish aluminum, and miscellaneous metals panels and related accessories.
2. .125″ thick or heavier aluminum plate, steel or miscellaneous metals for panels, clips, and custom accessories.

C. Welding Department

1. Cutting, torching and assembly of standard and miscellaneous metals.
2. Wire weld steel and aluminum.
3. Grinding, sanding and final assembly.

D. Laminating Department

1. Laminate flat panel profile assemblies in plan view as follows: squares, rectangles, triangles, half & full moons, other custom configurations.
2. Laminate curved radius, ellipse or irregular ellipse panel profile in plan view as follows: squares, rectangles, triangles and other custom
configurations. note: maximum vacuum laminating size: 6′ x 30′ or 8′ x 12′

III. Manufacturing Equipment

A. Carpentry Equipment

1. 8″, 10″ and 12″ compound radial arm & table saws.
2. 10″ compound miter cutoff saw.
3. 14″ and 20″ vertical wood and metal cutting band saws.
4. 12″ horizontal planer for finish panel and lumber edges.
5. Variable speed drill presses.
6. 1.5 hp and 2 hp routers w/ multidimensional work table station. 1″ “v” groove capacity.
7. 5 hp single stage air compressor used to support pneumatic operated nailers, staple guns, metal cutting shears, grinders, da sanders, paint guns.
8. Variety of power and hand tools, bar and “c” clamps, custom fixtures, etc. to complete any finish project.

B. Metal Fabrication Equipment

1. Two mechanical shears, capacity to shear 3/16″ thick up to 10′ long and 5/8″ thick up to 6′ long.
2. Two slitting lines capable of 16 gauge mild steel or 1/8″ thick aluminum at any length from stretcher leveled flat stock.
3. 16′ mechanical press brake with 3/16″ aluminum or 14 gauge steel capacity.
4. Dies for interlocking panel system, special radius, custom forming dies with varying forming capacity 10′ to 14′ long.

C. Sheet metal bending brakes

1. (2)10 ft. long hand brakes
2. (2)4 ft long finger brakes
3. (4) roper Whitney 4 ft. electro-magnetic hand brakes w/ std. & custom dies.
4. (1) power notcher: cap. 8″ x 8″ x 90 degree notch, 10 gauge mild steel or 5/16″ alum. plate. (2) hand notchers: car 6″ x 6″ x 90 degree notch, 16 gauge mild steel or 3/8″ aluminum plate.
5. 25 ton CNC turret punch press with capacity of 50″ x 120″ material Auto-Cad controller.
6. Punching and blanking with press capacities of 3 to 18 ton, standard and custom die selection.
7. Power rollers for curving aluminum and steel plate up to 52″ wide.
8. 100 ton ironworker capacity 6″ x 6″ x 1/2″ angle shearing and notching, punching up to 2″ diameter and shearing of bar stock 1″ thick x 10 ft. long.
9. Cold cutting and abrasive cutting saws.
10. Allis-Chalmers fork lift, cap. 5000 lb.

IV. Welding equipment

1. Air-acetylene set for soldering, brazing, cutting of light gauge metals.
2. 2 stage oxygen-acetylene torch for cutting and welding. c. millermatic 200 wire welder w/ portable 2lb.cap. spoolmatic 200 gun.
3. 225 amp-DC nelson stud welder w/ gun for variety of studs, eye bolts, anchor bolts, clips, insulation spikes, etc. for use on steel, alum. plate, misc. light gauge metals.
4. Spot welding equipment for use on light gauge steel and stud framing work.
5. CNC plasma-arc cutting table wi car 50″ x 120″, 1/4″ thick steel.

V. Laminating equipment

A. Eight Custom Designed & Built Composite Laminating Vacuum Tables

table sizes:

1. (1) 8 ft. x 12 ft.
2. (2) 5 ft. x 20 ft.
3. (4) 5 ft. x 30 ft.
4. (1)6 ft. x 32 ft.

B. Squire Cogswell 2 Stage Rotary Vacuum Pump System for use on Multiple Vacuum Laminating Tables

C. Custom Adhesive Application Systems by Means of Sprayer or Roller

D. Custom Material Handling Racks, Spray Tables, and misc. Tools for Various Laminating Applications